Template & Guidelines

Authors must prepare their abstracts using our
LaTeX template
PDF example
and then convert these to PDF format for submission.

To submit a paper:
Proceed to our submission system
find the category that best matches your topic; and submit your abstract in PDF format only.

All oral presenters are encouraged to submit their full papers to publish in the conference proceedings, which will be issued in three different journals (different topics according to scope of journals) namely:
-Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization (JNAO, ISSN: 1906-9685),
-Thai Journal of Mathematics (TJM, ISSN: 1686-0209), and
– Bangmod Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science (Bangmod JMCS, ISSN: 2408-154X).
             The option of such journals depends fully on the authors’ choices. The manuscripts will be processed through the usual peer-review procedure of high standard journals.
Instructions for proceedings submission
The submission of full papers for the conference proceedings will open around one week after the conference. The instruction are as follows:
> Prepare the manuscript using LaTeX according to the provided template (per see journal).
> Email the manuscript to Editor Dr. Poom Kumam email poom.kumam@mail.kmutt.ac.th.
> Please enclosed also the corresponding TITLE ID of your presentation.
> Also state the journal you would like to submit to.
> Deadline submission on June 15, 2016.